[Author’s note: Real life has been busy lately, so backing up this story has dropped rather low on my priority list, and some mistakes happened when I did update here. This bit should actually have been in Scene 1, where I’ve added it now, so this is a temporary post]

Kaana: Greio – what have we done!?

Greio: That’s what happens when things go wrong.

Ka: But we failed those people. We’re knights of the Order, and they trusted us to get them out safely and we failed. How can we even go back and face the others after that?

Gre: It happens. To us like to everyone else. Marsol will be glad to see us back – though trying not to show it.

Ka: It’s not that. It’s… some weeks ago I’d have been with the villagers. I was – before. I know what’ll happen to them, and we were there to prevent it.

Gre: And two years ago I’d have been with the Capitol’s troops. Nothing to be done about what’s past. Don’t talk like Rena, please.

Ka: What did happen to Nerena?

Gre: Marsol’s right. That won’t cheer you up.

Ka: You asked me to stay alive for something that won’t even cheer me up?

Gre: I didn’t think that far. I just wanted you to stay alive.

Gre: There is such a thing as sacrificing more than the mission is worth. And I don’t want to do that ever again.


2 thoughts on “Of Chevalry – Chapter 7, Scene 1a

    1. It already has – Greio chose to save Kaana instead of doing his duty and guarding the retreat. This is nearly the end of their plotline in the present, so to some degree I’m also wondering what the long-term future will bring for them…

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