Greio: Scared?

Nerena: No. Not for me. I only pray we’ll come in time. Find him alive.

Gre: So bad?

Ner: (silence)

Gre: Rena… Why did you do that?

Ner: For Favin.

Gre: Yes, but why? What makes you do incredibly reckless things for him?

Ner: Don’t come telling me you’re jealous! The second person I’m doing this for is Valea.

Ner: And anyway, the reason is that he brought me here. He gave me this chance, he believed in me. And now is the moment to prove he didn’t take me in vane. Isn’t that why you’re here yourself? Because you owe him?

Ner: And I’d do just as reckless a thing to save you.


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